WordPress Web Design Birmingham For Your Business: Why Choose WordPress?

Choosing the right content management platform can be a daunting task. In 2021 around 39.5% of websites were powered by WordPress. WordPress is a wise choice because of many reasons. Moreover, it is best if you like to work on a self-hosted platform. Moreover, it is a open source software which allows anyone to edit and make changes without touching any code. You might not know but more than 43% of websites are powered by WordPress. Below are the top reasons why you should choose WordPress Web Design Birmingham For Your Business.

Reasons WordPress Web Design Birmingham Is Best For Your Business

  • Easy to Use: Simple functionality doesn’t need any coding. Options with a drag-and-drop interface are user-friendly. A comprehensive library of forums and guides.
  • Search Engine Friendly (SEO): Combined SEO strategies to improve rankings in search results. Plugins allow for further optimization of the SEO process.
  • Free Hosting Option:- able to be self-hosted for increased adaptability and personalization.
  • Inbuilt SEO Tools: aids in keyword optimization and content organization. lowers the expense of hiring a specialist in SEO.
  • No Restrictions: a wide range of free and premium themes for customizable designs. a large collection of plugins to add features.
  • Plugins / Extensions Available: allows programmers to build unique plugins, a vast collection of tools for enhancing the functionality of websites.
  • No Coding Experience Needed: The website has several benefits, including drag-and-drop capabilities in many themes and plugins, quick editing and modification, and accessibility from anywhere. This enables you to manage and change the website from any internet-connected device and conveniently update it while traveling.
  • Massive Community Assistance Online: sizable user and development base for troubleshooting
  • Large library of tutorials and guides; There are lots of resources available to learn WordPress.
  • Free Tutorials & Training: user-friendly UI compared to CMS systems that are competitors


We hope you have liked this article about WordPress which is one of the best CMS platforms that business owners can use to manage their content effectively. Crowler Hub has assisted many startups and SMEs in achieving their business goals with high-quality WordPress Web Design Birmingham. Connect with us today to leverage our high-quality WordPress web development services. 

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